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New Breakthroughs In Cataract Lens Options

slider_cataract4Cataracts are very common—in fact, by age 65, more than half of Americans have cataracts or have had cataract surgery. The good news, however, is that cataract surgery is a procedure with a very high success rate. And new developments in replacement lens technology mean that cataract patients can have dramatic improvement in their eyesight after surgery—plus much more flexibility in how their replacement lenses perform.

Monofocal Lenses

Traditionally, the replacement lenses (interocular implants) used in cataract surgery have been monofocal—they are selected for the patient to provide clearer vision at a distance or up close, but not both. Glasses or other corrective lens are used to compensate. Patients who have had cataract surgery on both eyes may have one interocular implant set for distance vision and the other for close vision. The brain adjusts so that the patient becomes used to this.

Standard interocular implants are usually still monofocal, but there are a number of premium lenses available that offer multifocal capabilities—the ability to adjust like a natural lens to allow the patient to see well at multiple distances.

Multifocal Lenses

Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun provide patients with several premium lens choices—including the latest Crystalens technology that combines a state of the art lens and a high tech surgical procedure to provide the best possible outcomes.

For patients who suffer from presbiopia (farsightedness), the TECNIS Multifocal is an implantable lens designed to improve vision after cataract surgery and reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. The TECHNIS multifocal lens can increase the patient’s ability to see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances without glasses and in all light conditions. A study of interocular implants suggests that 94% of TECHNIS multifocal lens patients would choose the lens again.

Crystalens Technology

The step beyond the TECHNIS lens is a combination of enhanced lens technology and a surgical procedure designed specifically for the new interocular implant. Crystalens is a remarkable technology that allows Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun to surgically repair the patient’s cataract condition while also improving vision at all distances.

This treatment technology may reduce or possibly even eliminate the patient’s dependence on glasses for distance, intermediate, and near vision (including reader’s vision.)

Here’s how it works: Like natural lenses, Crystalens technology allows the muscles of the eye to help the patient focus seamlessly at a variety of distances. A unique hinged design of the lens lets it arch slightly in response to the particular focusing demands of the eye.

The results can be remarkable. One FDA study indicated that a year after Crystalens surgery, 98.4% of patients were able to drive, watch TV, participate in sports and perform normal activities without glasses. All patients in the study were able to work on their computers, read product labels and vehicle speedometers without glasses. Over 98% could read newspapers and magazines and dial cell phones without glasses, and 73.4% of patients did not depend on glasses at all, or wore them only occasionally.

Which Lens Is Right For You?

A cataract evaluation is the first step in determining what treatment may be best for you and your cataract condition. For an evaluation, schedule an appointment today. If you have questions about cataracts and lens options, procedures, insurance, or financing, contact our Patient Services Coordinator at 865-584-0905 for prompt answers.