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What Is A Floater?

Have you ever noticed small specs or dots in your vision? Often, these specs move, and may be visible at some times but not others.

They’re called floaters. Floaters are bits of matter that are left over when your eye was created.  Flashes of light sometimes appear with floaters and floaters are more noticeable in the dark. Most often, floaters are not an annoyance; you may not even be aware of them during a routine day.

It may seem that floaters are on the surface of your eye, but the material that cause floaters is actually deep within the eye.

Floaters and flashes are very common. Typically, they are not a sign of a serious condition. However, if you suddenly experience an increase in floaters, or if you notice both floaters and flashes occurring suddenly or together, it may indicate a problem, such as a retinal tear or retinal detachment.

Should you experience an abrupt onset of symptoms like these, you should see an eye care professional immediately. Again, the condition may not be serious, but it is important to have it evaluated to make sure.

Want to know more about floaters? Or want to see how a floater may look in your field of vision? Click to link to our page devoted to floaters and flashes. And take a look at the short video describing symptoms and possible treatment options.


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