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Did You Know We Do BOTOX?


Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun offer a variety of services that support ophthalmology, including treatments that stop twitching, correct eyelid issues, restore eyelashes, and even reduce wrinkles.

One treatment we offer is BOTOX®. Though you’d think this would primarily be offered by cosmetic surgeons, BOTOX also has value for treating eye conditions.

For example, BOTOX can be an effective treatment for eliminating eye twitches or other nerve issues that may affect vision. If you’ve ever suffered through a temporary eye twitch, you know how disconcerting they can be.

So imagine what you’d have to endure if eye twitching were a chronic condition. It can have a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life.

Prescription BOTOX treatments are used by our surgeons to calm muscles around the eyes that cause spasms, thus allowing patients to go about their normal daily routines.

BOTOX is short for Botulinum toxin, a protein produced by the C. botulinum bacteria. Using a fine needle (so it causes very little discomfort), the Ophthalmologist injects the protein into the facial muscles. BOTOX actually causes muscle paralysis by blocking the electrical impulses that stimulate the muscle to move. No more stimulation—no more spasms.

In most cases, the involuntary movement ceases within three days and a single treatment lasts for three months. After that time, the injections can be repeated, however, effectiveness diminishes over the years due to the buildup of antibodies.

Though it is not a cure for facial spasms, BOTOX is now considered one of the best treatments available and, in most cases, is covered by insurance.

BOTOX can be used to treat conditions including:

  • Benign Essential Blepharospasms—Abnormal blinking or spasms of the eyelids.
  • Progressive Spasms—With this condition, patients are unable to keep their eyes open.
  • Hemifacial Spasm—Involuntary twitching of the facial muscles on one side of the face and neck.
  • Eyelid Myokymia—Involuntary, spontaneous, localized quivering of the muscles in the eyelid. This condition can be caused by stress, lack of sleep and high caffeine intake.

If you want to know more, click here or call 865-584-0905 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun. Our physicians are also skilled in the use of BOTOX for removing wrinkles and lines for cosmetic reasons, and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you as well.